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Bienvenidos/Welcome to my very first blog and how better to start this new digital journey than by introducing myself! I must say I had a vision that my very first blog would cover typical topics in my field relating to décor and renovations but I decided to keep it more personal, providing an opportunity to express myself and share my world with all of you.  The first question most people ask me when we first meet is; what’s your name and where you from? Here is the answer:


My name is Daneyka; pronounced ‘Dan-EH-ka’ (pardon the Canadianism) and my first language is Spanish so pardon the odd ‘Span-glish’ as you read on.  As some of you may already know (or not) I’m originally from Panama, a small country located in Central America located between Costa Rica and Colombia. I originally came to Canada as an international student about seventeen (17) years ago with dreams of becoming an architect and/or an Interior designer. The path to my dream was not easy, with lots of ups and downs and disappointments along the way but with hard work I was able to accomplish some great things.  From learning English, going to school, marrying the love of my life and having my two sons (both 3 years old – Irish twins) my journey so far has been an amazing roller coaster.  Everything I went through the during the tough early years have helped make me who I am today and the sacrifices I made in the past were more than worth the rewards to date. I look forward to sharing much more with you in upcoming blogs and hope you enjoy the content and will follow me through this blogging journey!


Sending Love Your Way,

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