Bienvenidos/Welcome to my very first blog and how better to start this new digital journey than by introducing myself! I must say I had a vision that my very first blog would cover typical topics in my field relating to décor and renovations but I decided to keep it more personal, providing an opportunity to express myself and share my world with all of you.  The first question most people ask me when we first meet is; what’s your name and where you from? Here is the answer:...[More...]

A Taste of The Tropics

It is official everyone, I’m posting my second blog! I must say that a lot of friends had suggested that the hardest part of blogging was being consistent and posting at least once a week, well I made it to my second one, so cheers to that! My hope is to post each week about trends, do’s and don’ts of interior design and renovation and decoration tips. This week’s topic is all about how to bring the lush green outdoors to your indoor spaces all year around...[More...]

Color Palettes For Your Home

Choosing the right color palette is one of the first decisions you must make when decorating a room.  I love starting by choosing hues that will define the different rooms in my home.  An easy way to start this process is by choosing neutral tones, an ideal palette for those who want a timeless look in their living spaces. [More...]