A Taste of The Tropics

It is official everyone, I’m posting my second blog! I must say that a lot of friends had suggested that the hardest part of blogging was being consistent and posting at least once a week, well I made it to my second one, so cheers to that! My hope is to post each week about trends, do’s and don’ts of interior design, renovation and decoration tips. This week’s topic is all about how to bring the lush green outdoors to your indoor spaces all year around. As a girl born in the tropics, one of the things I miss most living in Canada is the tropical climate with that lush greenery everywhere throughout the year. I know a lot of you are with me on this one, even if you were born in Canada. 

I have three (3) simple reasons why adding greenery to your indoor space is one of the best pieces of advice I can give to my clients to avoid the ‘winter blues’.  They are as follow:

  1. Plants visually add a fresh, clean and sophisticated look to almost any space;

  2. Tropical plants bring life to your interior and allow you to create your own little paradise (yes, even in the dead of winter) and;

  3. Not only do plants in general clean the air we breathe by reducing airborne dust levels but they are also known to increase the humidity of your indoor air creating a more comfortable living environment.

Below are some of my all-time favorite tropical indoor plants that keep the tropics in my home year-round!